With all the amenities you would expect from a private Club, Troy Country Club offers dining, swimming, tennis and many other events and activities in which you and your family can participate. Please call 937-335-5691 to find out more information. Click Here for Club rules

Please browse through the website to see our menus and social calendar.

Clubhouse Dress code

  1. Grille Room-Denim is permitted in Grille Room, Collared shirts are preferred but not required. Gentlemen must remove their hats before entering restaurant.  Tennis or swim attire is not permitted.
  2. Bar-Denim is permitted as well as T-shirts, men can wear caps in the bar as well. Must be 18-years of age to dine in bar after 5:00 p.m. Tennis or swim attire not permitted.
  3.  Click here for more Clubhouse Rules

For any questions on regards for our dress code policy please call 937-335-5691